Conference schedule

CEST May 2 Speakers
15:00 Welcome Ingunn Wehus and Duncan Watts
15:10 BeyondPlanck Update and Overview Mathew Galloway
15:55 Group Photograph  
16:00 WMAP Update Duncan Watts
16:30 SPIDER Update Harald Thommesen
16:45 DIRBE Reanalysis Daniel Herman
17:00 Zodipy Metin San
17:15 Getting organized: Cosmoglobe projects  
May 3
15:00 The C-Band All-Sky Survey (C-BASS): Challenges and Lessons Learnt Stuart Harper
15:30 GroundBIRD Status Mike Peel
16:00 The QUIJOTE MFI wide survey: A northern sky survey in intensity and polarization at 10–20GHz Ricardo Génova-Santos
16:30 COMAP Galactic Plane Survey Thomas Rennie
17:00 BINGO Overview Alessandro Marins
May 4
15:00 Foreground Removal and Bispectrum Analysis in BINGO Karin Fornazier
15:30 Birefringence: A real-space analysis Raelyn Sullivan
  Birefringence: A harmonic-space analysis Johannes Eskilt
16:15 Multi-Frequency Statistics of Galactic Synchrotron Emission Fazlu Rahman
16:45 Modelling Galactic Emission using GALPROP Elena Orlando
17:15 Pan-Experiment Galactic Science Group Updates and Overview Susan Clark
May 5
15:00 Systematic effects induced by the HWP rotational instabilities Susanna Azzoni
15:30 HFI Systematics Guillaume Patanchon
16:00 The BICEP Array Project Ritoban Basu Thakur
16:30 AtLAST Claudia Cicone
17:00 CMB-HD Neelima Sehgal
17:30 Simulation and Validation of Commander3 Yuyang Zhou, Fazlu Rahman, and Gabriel Hoerning
May 6
15:00 Foreground challenges for measurement of spectral distortions Aditya Rotti
15:30 Data analysis challenges for ACT/SO Adriaan Duivenvoorden
16:00 New B-mode results from BICEP3 and Keck Array Colin Bischoff
16:30 LISZT: the Line Intensity and SZ Tomographer Jacques Delabrouille
17:00 Cosmological constraints from recent CMB lensing and galaxy cross correlations Simone Ferraro
May 9
15:00 Cosmoglobe Project Work Session All Interested Participants
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