Cosmoglobe Kickoff Workshop

We are pleased to announce the first Cosmoglobe joint-experiment workshop! In this workshop, we will discuss the Cosmoglobe platform, a medium by which scientists from different radio, microwave, and sub-mm experiments can share raw data to allow for the best possible extraction of data using different data collection methods.

Cosmoglobe logo with globus

A first demonstration of end-to-end Bayesian analysis was recently showcased in the BeyondPlanck project. As a second real-world example, we will present a preliminary reanalysis of the WMAP K-band time-ordered data within the same end-to-end Bayesian framework.

The workshop will have three main parts. In the first part, Cosmoglobe team members will give an overview of the project and the existing infrastructure. In the second part, we invite external experiments to present their own experiment in terms of main goals and design, data structure and model, and particularly difficult challenges you have faced when analyzing those data. We especially invite junior members (i.e., doctoral students or postdoctoral scholars) to present the respective experiments. In the third and final part, we will organize a round-table discussion in which the various experiments can express their thoughts about whether this joint analysis program might be interesting, and, if so, which challenges each collaboration foresees, either technically or politically. In particular, we will have a joint discussion on how we can collaborate while respecting the various experiment’s data policies, and come up with a common Cosmoglobe policy that works for all interested parties.

By Duncan Watts
Published Jan. 18, 2022 12:13 PM - Last modified Jan. 18, 2022 12:13 PM