WMAP re-analysis

WMAP represents one of the key full-sky CMB experiment data sets that led to the current highly successful cosmological standard model. Although having lower angular resolution and sensitivity than Planck, its frequency coverage and scanning strategy are highly complementary to Planck, and it provides vital information for Cosmoglobe.

Comparison of Q1-band polarization maps from WMAP and Commander


  • Raw TOD has been reformatted into native Commander HDF format, reducing the total volume from over 600 GB to 188 GB

  • Commander module close to production quality: Current GitHub repository

  • Open to all interested parties; new collaborators very are very welcome!

Project scope:

  • Develop Commander TOD instrument model for WMAP
  • Re-process all five channels jointly with LFI, and publish new posterior based sky maps and distributions
  • Integrate into Cosmoglobe Sky Model

Outstanding issues, suitable for new collaborators:

  • W-band analysis; currently does not work
  • Optimization; known speed-ups of factors of 2-4 exists
  • Noise fitting; current model only includes 1/f contribution, but needs an f-term
  • Bandpass correction; current model does not adjust nominal bandpasses


Project team:

  • Hans Kristian Eriksen
  • Mathew Galloway
  • Håvard Tveit Ihle
  • Duncan Watts (Coordinator)
  • Ingunn Kathrine Wehus

How to get involved:

If you want to get involved, please send Duncan Watts an email

Published May 2, 2022 3:01 PM - Last modified May 2, 2022 3:06 PM