DIRBE was one of the three instruments which flew on the famous COBE satellite, giving a comprehensive view of the full sky between 1 and 240 µm. DIRBE gives us a complete view of Zodiacal emission, as well as the Wien tail of the Galactic thermal dust emission, at angular scales. The addition of DIRBE into the Cosmoglobe framework will help constrain both of these foreground contaminants.

Overview of the DIRBE instrument, found on the about DIRBE page.


  • Raw data has been converted from fits format to HDF

  • Data moved from native QUAD-Cube to HEALPix sky pixelization scheme
  • Preliminary code: Current Github respository.
  • Open to all interested parties; new collaborators very are very welcome!

Project scope:

  • Develop Commander TOD instrument model for DIRBE, by extending and generalizing the existing BeyondPlanck LFI module
  • Re-process all ten DIRBE channels jointly with Planck HFI, and publish new posterior based sky maps and distribution
  • Use the ten DIRBE channels to set new constraints on Galactic thermal dust and Zodiacal emission models
  • Integrate into Cosmoglobe Sky Model

Related Cosmoglobe projects:

  • Zodiacal emission modelling
  • Cosmic infrared background modelling
  • Planck HFI re-processing

Project team:

  • Daniel Herman (Coordinator)
  • Duncan Watts
  • Gustav Erikstad
  • Mathew Galloway
  • Metin San

How to get involved:

If you want to get involved, please send Daniel Herman an email!

By Daniel Herman
Published May 2, 2022 11:43 AM - Last modified May 10, 2022 11:24 AM