Zodiacal emission

Zodiacal emission is thermal radiation from dust particles inside the Solar System, and is important at high CMB frequencies. The most widely used model for this was derived from COBE-DIRBE data by Kelsall et al. (1998). This project aims to derive a new state-of-the-art zodi model through joint analysis of DIRBE, Planck HFI, and other modern datasets. As a first milestone, we have published Zodipy, a modern Python interface to the Kelsall et al. model.

The Zodiacal emission given the DIRBE Interplanetary dust model as simulated with Zodipy.


  • First version of stand-alone Zodipy code is available on GitHub

  • Preliminary Commander code exists in comm_zodi_mod.f90

  • Open to all interested parties; new collaborators very are very welcome!

Project scope:

  • Develop stand-alone Zodipy Python interface to zodiacal emission modelling
  • Develop optimized Commander zodi module
  • Implement Zodiacal emission parameter Gibbs sampler inside Commander
  • Derive and publish new zodi model parameters from Planck HFI, DIRBE,...
  • Study model extensions and new zodi components

Related Cosmoglobe projects:

  • HFI

Project team:

  • Mathew Galloway
  • Daniel Herman
  • Metin San (Coordinatory)
  • Duncan Watts

How to get involved:

If you want to get involved, please send Metin San an email

Published May 2, 2022 11:34 AM - Last modified May 2, 2022 2:38 PM